Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities


Prof. S. A. Riswadkar

Head Of Department

Shankar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite-Patil Institute of Technology & Research, Shankarnagar-Akluj is best pioneer in the field of Technical Education.

General Science and Humanities department provides an education of excellence in preparing Engineers. Our goal is "To become a Centre of academic excellence in the field of Technical Education, for harnessing technology for human being & for quality service to Community". We strive hard for it.

First year department has been established in June 2011 at the same time of the inception of the Shankar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite-Patil Institute of Technology & Research, Shankarnagar-Akluj. We have most of highly qualified faculties and industrious non-teaching staff. As always First Year department has been the foundation for all other departments. It has always maintained its reputation of consistently the expectations results.

First Year Engineering plays a pivotal role in ushering the students to be a prospective engineer. The department nurtures and molds the students to enter in the rapid fast changing pragmatic world yet maintaining the sensitivity in them. The teaching-learning methodology used by staff boosts the students thinking potential and lifts their critical analyzing skills.

As most of the students come from the diversified social environment it becomes a need for the department that they are mentored by the staff with whom they can share their thoughts, expectations, express themselves and would feel comfortable away from home.

The main feature we are proud of is our well-equipped English Language Lab and the quality of training we provide to strengthen the base of students communication Skills. We relentlessly monitor and evaluate the students’ progress on multiple dimensions and make them stubborn enough not to bend in any situation.

Salient Features

  • Qualified and Dedicated faculty members.
  • Spacious classrooms.
  • Well-equipped laboratories.
  • Air-conditioned seminar hall and digital library.
  • Excellent academic track record.
  • Excellent discipline.
  • Solid teacher student interaction.
  • Series of expert lectures, Seminar and Induction program for development of students.
  • Excellent academic result .
  • Vision

  • To provide an extensive knowledge of Applied Sciences and basics of engineering subjects and to encourage, motivate and create a friendly environment among students.
  • Mission

  • To provide quality education in all subjects with innovative teaching mechanisms.
  • To impart the knowledge to the students which can transform real life problem into solution.
  • To make the students active, creative & professional in engineering field..
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