Department of Mechanical Engineering [Diploma]


Prof.Mr. Swapnil Maruti Nikam

Head of Department

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department, on behalf of Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Patil Institute of Technology and Research, Shankarnagar - Akluj. I feel really privileged to be the department head at this esteemed organization. We are proud of our faculty, which is a self-disciplined group with a commitment to the organization's success and a blend of both academic and industry expertise.

To complement our academic programs, we offer modern research facilities and well-equipped laboratories. A knowledgeable and devoted faculty staffs the department. The division makes an effort to provide the best possible education and training. The department's goal is to provide students with the skills they'll need to succeed in the workplace, in academia, and in research to meet the demands of an expanding technological landscape.

In order to apply data and technological principles to product design, we are working to help students acquire this skill. Students get the chance to collaborate in groups on cross-disciplinary projects thanks to our efforts.

Vision :

  • To be recognized for excellence in mechanical engineering reinforced by overall development.
  • Mission :

  • To impart value based technical education in Mechanical Engineering.
  • To enhance the technical knowledge of students.
  • To make the students ready with various skill sets in Mechanical Engineering.
  • To motivate students for lifelong learning.
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