Department of Electrical Engineering


Prof.Mr. Suraj S. Shinde

Head of Department

On-behalf of Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Patil Institute of Technology and Research Shankar Nagar Akluj. Welcomes all the stakeholders to the Electrical Engineering (EE) department. It gives me an immense pleasure to lead the EE Department of this prestigious institution. Electrical Engineering Department was established in 2011, with an annual intake of 60 students per year to impart quality technical education to students.

We take pride in our faculty; a self-disciplined team with dedication and is a mixture of both academic and industrial experience working towards the growth of the students and organization. We have well equipped laboratories with the state-of-the-art research facilities, to support our academic programs. The field of Electrical Engineering plays a key role in the national economic growth in terms of power sector, transport, industrialization and automation.

In Electrical department, we provide several opportunities to our faculty and students, through in-house training, workshops and training outside the college for further growth and development in their areas of expertise.

We are creating a platform for students to achieve their dream jobs in Government sectors such as NTPC, Power Grid, Genco, Transco, NPDCL, SPDCL etc.and also in software sectors.We are committed towards creating professional graduate community, which is capable to handle contemporary challenges required by the employer and society.

The Department of Electrical Engineering is recognized for pre-eminence in teaching, research and service to profession. The department has well qualified, dynamic and motivated faculty with a burning desire to excel assisted by skilled supporting staff..


  • To build a unique portfolio of electrical engineers striving to suppress competitors in rural society.
  • Mission

  • To implement sustainable programs that improves across worldwide now and for future generation.
  • To provide state of art facilities that encourage learning, project work and applied research.
  • To work effectively with industry to provide cooperative education experience.
  • To conserve energy and environment on which all rural society depends.
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